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Here is my selection of tarot card readings. 
If you have any queries or questions before you order, please feel free to to contact me.
Or to purchase a reading, you can order via the 'Buy With PayPal' link. If you do not have 'Pay Pal' account you can 'Checkout' securely as a paypal guest.  Once I recieve your details and payment, my promise is for you to receive your reading, by email within 72 hours (I can also provide a high quality paper copy if required)

Three Card Reading

Past - Present - Future Reading - This three-card reading looks at the past and shows what you have carried with you into the present that affects your current situation. It tells you what you need to know concerning the present and what current influences are at work. The last card indicates what the future may bring for your question, based on the patterns and trends of the present. And remember, your future is never set in stone.     Price £7.00

Celtic Cross 16 Card Tarot Reading

This 16 card spread is a very popular and well recognised reading. It covers aspects including 'You at this Time', Hopes & Fears', 'Obsticles' and 'Secret Enemy'. This spread gives me lots of information about what is going on in a person’s life.  I read the cards individually then link them together in the spread, this produces an in depth picture and a detailed personal reading for you. Price £21.00

Turbulent Times 5 Card Spread

This reading contains just 5 cards, it gives guidance to you about the current problem you are experiencing and on how to fix it. It will enlighten you on the lessons behind the issues and how it will all turn out. Price £12.00

Angel Card Reading

This 16 card reading with the Angel Cards offers gentle and loving guidance and like the Tarot cards they give insight into relationships, careers and finances. This provides peace of mind and confidence in decision making. Price £12.00

32 Angel & Tarot Card Reading

32 Card Celtic & Angel Reading - For a more in depth reading I can combine tarot cards with angel cards. This mixed spread of both cards gives me lots more information and guidance about what is going on in a person’s life. The angel cards provide a gentle, positive, loving message and work well with the tarot cards to help and guide you.    Price £26.00

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Don't forget... once you've bought a reading, send me an email with a little detail about you, this will help me link, focus and visualise, enabling me make a connection with you whilst shuffling the cards. All I need to know is your date of birth and hair colour and sex. Use the message in 'PayPal' or email me from here